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(1)Office Building: We clean to a standard that is second to none. We always clean more than you expect.

Dust moping or regular moping a hardwood floor in your conference room.

Disinfecting often used surfaces, on decktop or counter top, without disrupting the items on the desk or counter..

(2) Medical,Surgery & Dental Offices: We use only the top of the line cleaning technique and hospital grade cleaning  product, that will leave a good impression on you an your patients,that will have you an your patients,telling your family & friends about Dre's.

Surgeryical team at work, We at dre's ensure that at the end of the day or as you need us to, that each opperateing or surgerical room is cleaned with hospital grade cleaning  product, an is ready for the next team or day.

Dentist at work, We at dre's will ensure that at the end of the day, everything in your office is dusted and clean with greed clean or hospital grade cleaning  product, so that it leaves a wonderful and careing impression on your patients.

Female Dentist at work,you ladies our just as good as the guy are. We at dre's will ensure that at the end of the day your office is clean to your satisfaction and beyound, dusted and clean with greed clean or hospital grade cleaning  product, so that it leaves a good impression on all who enter your doors.

(3) Floors: We clean all type of floors with only the best cleaning solution that makes you happy that you call us. 

This is a picture of dre's cleaning a floor before puting down wax.

This is a picture of a floor that is being buff after it's has been wax by dre's weeks ago.

This is a picture of a tile floor being clean by dre's, before it is coated with a floor sealer, that will give it a beautiful shine that will last for days.

Bathroom floors:     Dre's experience floor cleaning team,will ensure that your floors are cleaned with the right cleaning solution the first time around ,that will leave a clean & shineing impression for days & weeks to come just like the floor in the before & after pictures.

(4) Windows:Our window cleaning team, uses a solution that ensures your windows are. smudge,streak, and residue free; clean & clear for sunny days. 

This window is being cleaned with some of the best cleaning solution that money can buy.

Other window that is having dre's cleaning touch put to the test, an again dre's pass, picture #3 shows it.

This is a pictue of a window after it has been cleaned by dre's window cleaning crew, with a nice clear shine,that will last for day's.

(5)Gutters: At Dre's we make sure that everything that can be gotten  out of the gutter is removed, then we flush it with water,to ensure that your gutters are clean and that the down spout is flushed and water runs freely.

A crew member,working hard at work cleaning out a customer gutter so that water can run freely,thru out the gutter.

A picture of a gutter before it was cleaned and after it has been cleaned by dre's gutter crew.

(6) Pressure washing:Our Pressure washing consist of cleaning driveways,concrete, homes & building, with the correct cleaning solution, that will ensure an outstanding and lasting result. The right side of this picture,is before pressure washing & the left side of the picture is after pressure washing.This is a picture of a driveway. 


The top picture of this house, is before pressure washing and the bottom picture is after pressure washing

(7) Roof's: As you can see dre's will clean your roof and have your friends,family, and neighbors saying your roof looks good; who did it?  We clean two ways, you tell us how you want it clean and we will clean it.

Pressure washing this type of roof is one way that dre's clean it.

This is a picture of a roof that has been half clean without pressure washing, please fill free to call and we will be glad to tell you a little bit about our other way, of cleaning this type of roof.

(8) Outside wood deck: We, will pressure wash your deck with the correct solution,that will have you calling Dre's again. To service your outside deck,and make it look new once again. By the way, this is a picture of one of our pressure washing job's. The right side of this pictue is before pressure washing and the left side is after pressure washing.

(8)  Residential Move-Out:  We at Dre's ensure that, the Oven & Refrigerator is cleaned, Disinfect Bathroom & Laundry Area,Wash & Wipe Down Interior Walls. Our Carpet Guy is very ,very good at cleaning your carpet. So call dre's today and leave the cleaning to us.

Dre's cleaning crew will ensure that the cleaning is done right the first time.

The wall's,floors and windows have been clean in this picture, and they will also be cleaning to your satisfaction at your construction clean up..

Dre's ensure that,the hold kitchen is clean, that means Oven & Refrigerator is cleaned, Disinfect counter top & cabinet are clean and ready for move in.

(9) Construction cleanup & more:

Geting this area ready to be used by a customer.

Cleaning a floor, geting it ready for a customer, is other thing that dre's dose very good.

Removing  wood from construction area.

Wet Vac Equipt

Ladder & Movieout Cleaning Equipt.

Office Cleaning Equipt Tab & more cleaning suppies.

Water Reel & Cleaning Materical.

Floor Cleaning Equipt.

Window Cleaning Equipt.

Pressure Washing Equipt.

Our  Office Hours:
Monday thru Saturday
9:00 am  To 5:00 pm    Bus:(360)692-0770 FAX:(360)692-1077
Licensed-602-646-020,Bonded,Insured                (855)692-0770

Contractor Registration #  DRESCCS886KH

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